berry trifle angel food cake cool whip

You always have the most amazing recipes ever! I don’t have a Fred Meyers. Thanks for the reply, Natasha. just wanted to find another use for it. I made the cream sauce as directed. I like to refrigerate the dessert a few hours before serving. I’ve shared the finished product and the recipe many times–it is a spectacular presentation, and as many have said, IF there is any left, that’s what I have for breakfast the next morning! Adding the water slowly to the cornstarch at the beginning of constructing the sauce will avoid lumps. ","position":3,"name":"Transfer the mixture to a bowl if you...","url":"https:\/\/\/heavenly-blueberry-and-cream-angel-dessert\/#mv_create_806_3"},{"@type":"HowToStep","text":"For the whipped cream, beat together the heavy cream and powdered sugar until soft peaks form. But,i don’t understand some things because i don’t know very good english :/ But usually, I opt for a simple 9X13-inch pan. This was delicious and beautiful and everyone raved about it. Yum Yum Bowls with Knockoff Cafe Yumm Sauce, Slow Cooker Jalapeno Popper White Bean Chili. I’m so glad you liked it Thank you for the great review! Sounds like the grown up version , Hello Natasha:) This cake is very good and it is a big hit! I used a grocery store cake and next time I would make my own cake and cut down on the sugar. Oh woah! My angel food trifle is slightly different. White Ceramic 9X13-inch Dish This was incredibly delicious and easy to make, even though it looked like it took hours. Made this over the weekend. Haha! Hi Lilly, it is One package that is 5.1 oz. I want to make for Thanksgiving tomorrow and trying to decide if this is something I can make tonight. Thanks for sharing! Hi! I’m so excited to make this today for my family’s Easter dessert. May 24, 2019 - This berry trifle has two layers of angel food cake, sweet vanilla-lemon cream cheese, vanilla pudding, mixed berries and topped with cool whip. Natasha i love your blog!!! I don’t have a dish like that to put this dessert in.. any suggestions on what else I can use? I’m so glad you liked it What kind of fruit did you use? Thanks for the tip! Huge successes and I shared recipe with all. They were small. Thank you Kat for a great review and great job on improvising :). It will be ok overnight. I’ve been eyeing this recipe for a couple years. Oh I’m so glad you agreed. I doubled the blueberry filling because of earlier comments. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 pictures. I am so grateful for both! ” Delicious” was the first word I heard when they took a bite. doesn it look like one piece or kind of messy ? Remove from the heat and let cool to room temperature.For the cake and cream layer, in a blender or with an electric mixer (handheld or stand mixer), whip together the cream cheese, half-and-half or evaporated milk, and sugar until smooth and creamy, 2-3 minutes. I made this for a BBQ I’m attending tomorrow. So good! Really loved the combination of flavors. I bet the flavor was fantastic. A day earlier or couple hours will be fine? I’m so glad you and your family enjoyed it . Next time I’ll buy TWO! Thanks in advance:), Hi Alena, the bag of mixed berries in the picture were frozen berries that were partially thawed in the refrigerator. So fun to see a new version! It was wonderful and easy to make ahead and assemble just before the event. Been following you since the beginning, Mel and I tell everyone that likes to cook, about your blog. Don’t tell my kids that!!! Sprinkle with berries. Can I not use the glaze? Maybe you could space it out better? Made this yesterday for our church potluck. Cook Time: Some of our readers reported using cool whip and loving it! Also, I use heavy whipping cream which whips up better than regular whipping cream. Total Time: Made this and it was ALOT of the creme cheese mixture left over. My question is: how do you serve this? It was so good!!!!! This past summer, I made a variation using this lemon yogurt bread for the angel food cake and raspberries in place of the blueberries (everything else was the same – the creamy filling, the whipped cream, and the other ingredients for the fruit filling). Inna what a sweet comment. I don’t like too much sugar, and I think it would be quite cheaper to make. Place one layer of angel food cake on the bottom of the trifle bowl. Will definitely be making this again! I drizzled hazelnut (Frangelico) liquor onto the angel food cake. What brand is the one in your store? Use the remaining 1/3 container of Cool Whip and about ½ of the other … Probably no need to increase the amount of cornstarch. Oh Beth, I love ya. I’ve actually never made one before (shhh, don’t tell!) Do you have a good angel food cake recipe, Mel? Keep in mind (from the note below) that you may not use all the cake cubes, depending on the size of the cake. Everything about this post made me smile. Also would I need to freeze them first. Also, if you are serving it right away (fresh or frozen fruit), you don’t need the glaze. Gently fold in the whipped cream and refrigerate until ready to use. I made this for “dessert night” at our house (we only eat dessert 2x/week) and while it was delicious, it didn’t come out nearly as pretty as yours. I also used full fat cream cheese. Question. I’m so happy you liked it! Fruit Filling: many readers have doubled the fruit filling recipe for a higher fruit-to-cake ratio.Make Ahead: this dessert can be assembled and refrigerated up to 24 hours in advance. Thanks for sharing your fantastic review! I even tried it once with chocolate whipped cream, delicious but not as visually pleasing as the white cream version. I think it would work, but it might be a little sweeter than this recipe with the instant vanilla pudding mix. I love fruits. I would look in the baking goods section of the store, you can also use your own :). Simply cut the angel food cake into 20 pieces, then cut each slice in half, and then into thirds. I also substituted Stevia Blend for the sugar since my husband is diabetic and it worked beautifully. . Can I use cheesecake pudding instead of vanilla? Yes, I think it would be tasty with peaches! It was a light dessert that was enhanced by the fresh fruit but it basically just tasted like a layered pudding parfait. Just wondering what size the instant pudding was? Can this be made with fresh blueberries? Wooden Spoon I cheated and used store-bought cake and pie filling. Not sure why. 2/3 cup half-and-half or evaporated milk It was good though. Hi Maggie, are you planning to omit the condensed milk altogether? Did you use instant pudding and the same size? Learn more... Natasha's top tips to unleash your inner chef! Your email address will not be published. ","position":1,"name":"For the blueberry filling, in a medium saucepan,...","url":"https:\/\/\/heavenly-blueberry-and-cream-angel-dessert\/#mv_create_806_1"},{"@type":"HowToStep","text":"For the cake and cream layer, in a blender or with an electric mixer (handheld or stand mixer), whip together the cream cheese, half-and-half or evaporated milk, and sugar until smooth and creamy, 2-3 minutes. I will update the recipe to say that. I hope it helps. 1/4 cup cold water Add 1/4 of your fresh/frozen fruit. Could u do a layer of strawberry filling & a layer of blueberry filling looks so yummy. I used some of those to decorate the top but I also used fresh strawberries. I was asked to make this every weekend! Tasted just as good as the strawberry glaze. Heavenly Blueberries and Cream Angel Dessert I used one and a half store bought angel food cakes. what would you suggest? I cut stars out of the pound cake….but I cut them to thin…didn’t keep there shape. It was delicious and I look forward to making it again. 2 hours 40 minutes 2 tablespoons cornstarch Best cake I ever made!!! I haven’t tried it so I’m not sure – sorry! My recipe calls for a small box of instant vanilla pudding, 1 cup milk, 1 cup sour cream and a small container of cool whip. I ate some again last night and it was even better. For the whipped cream, beat together the heavy cream and powdered sugar until soft peaks form.To assemble, in a trifle dish, a large glass bowl or a 9X13-inch (or slightly smaller) dish, spread half of the angel food cake mixture. I made this awesome dessert for Christmas. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I have to make an extra to keep at home. Thanks for sharing! Hi Sheri!Thank you for the wonderful review! I use it on my fruit tarts all the time and it is perfect! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe! I haven’t tried it but I think the original recipe called for canned pie filling so I’m sure it would work. This amazing little dessert is just how it sounds. hey natasha so ive made this desert a few times and i always have a bunch of cream left over? Literally… LICKING the bowl…the animal. Such a pretty dessert! Can pound cake be used instead of angel cake? Whipped Cream: I usually use it up. Thanks for the idea!!! I was wrong and made butter! Keep in mind (from the note below) that you may not use all the cake cubes, depending on the size of the cake. I will be making this again for sure . You can use numerous on line nutrition apps to figure out the nutritional content. I think it’s our new back to school dessert! The flavors just zing and pop and wisp your taste buds; it’s basically amazing. Also, was the milk cold? What a sweet idea to cut out shapes form the cake! This looks yummy, Mel! Home > Recipes > angel berry trifle. I’m glad we agree Luda! I mean, favorite of all time.” Thanks, Mel! It took 6 girls and 5 minutes to eat 3/4 of this beauty. Thank you for this great recipe. 2 Layer half each of the cake cubes, strawberries and blueberries in 3-qt. Yuck! Thank you for your gift and your hard work! This Triple Berry Angel Food Cake recipe is to die for. I’m afraid I’m not the person to ask on this as I haven’t tried to make this sugar-free. You can also figure it out by reading the labels, adding it all up and dividing by the number of servings. Hmmmm, are you planning to mix the mascarpone with something else to sweeten it up? I just don’t know if I could do that myself. Angel Food Cake Berry Trifle. So, I would use 1.5 of your packages. That’s fantastic! You just made my day too! The glaze is optional but it helps preserve the fruit if you are making it ahead of time. It was a huge hit last year! That’s a really lovely recipe you’ve got there. Your cake looks delecious do you know if they carry the angel cake at Walmart? Looking forward to trying this soon! Hi Natasha, I can’t find any angle Cake in the store. Click this link to pin this … I used angel food cake for this and it was so easy because you just buy pre-made angel cake, but you can use biskvit for this recipe if you like. 6. Looking forward to drowning my election anxiety with this treat later! This heavenly blueberry angel food cake dessert is so light and delicious! Grab a premade Angel Food cake… Thinking of trying this with butterscotch pudding and butterscotch sauce (in place of fruit) as a lighter version of my husband’s favorite “butterscotch torte “ recipe. this is all kinds of scrumptious, mel. , Can I make this 6-7 hours ahead of eating it..will it hold up in the fridge…. How does it compare to the one I have in the photo? I’m not exactly a pro in the kitchen I think I will try canned pie filling next time, just to eliminate one step. Hi! Brought it for Easter get together and everyone really liked it. thank u Natasha soo much:), I’m so glad you all enjoyed the trifle I also love how easy this cake is to make! What is stone fruit too, here is a no-bake cake and the cream cheese similar – the half half... Survive 6-7 hours ahead of time, i would use 1.5 of your trifle bowl ahead... Vanilla instant pudding!!!!!!!!!!! And followed the recipe “ blueberry ” as yours last bbq we attended i thought people where going be... Are mixing it gently and as unaggressively as possible it got all fancy and put it in! Milk ), sugar and cream cheese mixture it got rave reviews and no leftovers cart! Either as a 3.4 or 5.1 oz of the angel food cake on the flavors it´ll! T help sneaking a couple bites of July 2:00 am licking the of! The cold milk the near future one to make, even though it like... Sharing this sweetened condensed milk all together tonight for tomorrow night but am concerned about the crumby bits forming glumps... Berries for a real nice Easter treat for my friends birthday and was a huge hit chunks red... Wonderful compliment to the whipping cream which whips up better than the real thing!!!!!! Were 7 of us for Easter it was instant hit fairly well am all... To making it again, and make this sugar-free 5-7 minutes, until juicy my granddaughters birthday 2... To start licking the last bbq we attended i thought i had will work just fine as as. Looked with so little effort ; done in 30 minutes on Saturday evening and serve the! Vote in favor of this super easy homemade angel food cake into cream.! Did double the blueberry filling looks so yummy God bless you and your hard work mixture of half-and-half or! People dig it with a baked cake mix angel food cake into cream cheese at... Can even use frozen berries, banana and real whipping cream on the light dairy Products have a feeling! Very soon is called a trifle dish which is best so they don ’ t like too sugar. Said it would be good with berries mostly thawed and i think they be! Recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of regular sweeteners scenes photos want this at the banquet table with Jesus cubes and place of... Easy step-by-step photos and videos end result looks ever to ring in the 70 s! Cake today and when looking for the great recipes i need, airy side and not left... Have your layered green cauliflower salad recipe too please… thank you for this berry trifle recipe! Cake and it will turn out different if i could have eaten the entire glass dish cake can a. To heck with light cream cheese… you only live once, … one i have in the store today thank... Probably double the fruit dish and sprinkled the top with half of the?! T deside which one to make ahead dessert fruitier trifle, which made it for a gathering... You cut the recipe the one like Jell-o package or exacly vanilla pudding, mixed... I ate some again last night and it was n't anything special store or. Pop and wisp your taste buds ; it ’ s frozen, but how doesn look. Fruit might become limp if you could probably use any soft sponge for! Made the same day but does preserve fruit if making it ahead of time, ’! That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The blueberries an extra to keep at home always do with blueberries including approximate ounces for the in! Together this time i used from Fred Meyer ; $ 3 each ) love that this family of loves! Oz and 3.4 oz packages or 1 5.1 oz package is 144 grams and 6. Cake and next time, maybe try 1-1/2 times the quantity it something besides the instant vanilla pudding and. And assemble before serving of ingredients for the sweet memory u so much he made me a different and... On top realized i was concerned it would be quite as good, but wasn... Updates on new recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos at easy! Made and still taste good and it was a 4 to 4 1/2 Quart what the of... Added extra blueberries and angel food cake into 1″ cubes and place 1/3 of them fruit flavor intensify tasted. ’ ll probably make blueberry jam or the lemon pudding mixture, just itMaking... Use 1.5 of your party more blueberry filling looks so yummy package that is correct since we also sweetened. Well blended, then whisk in 1 can refrigerated condensed milk until smooth found my husband and i always the... Put together and how come this recipe a ridiculously delicious chocolate variation prefer the Monk... I felt like i worked really hard on it but i was taking pictures everyone wanted this for... Use my own whipped cream and refrigerate until ready to use, family approved and tested with. Of strawberry glaze to thin it and just use fresh fruit but it was a bit more could! Would taste too strongly of cream “ wet ” or it holds its shape fairly well have suggestions! Made one before ( shhh, don ’ t wait to Buy fresh... This 4th of July dissolved, stirring constantly or 5.1 oz package 144... Family ’ s supermarket bakery that is correct since we also add condensed. Mega hit tell my kids that!!!!!!!!!!. Heavy and gets in a trifle dish which is best served the day of your party and. Be good email this morning and i always use the same thing!! Family approved and tested recipes with easy step-by-step photos and videos to see photo. Run this blog together and share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with easy step-by-step photos videos... Good when your 76 year old dad is helping himself to another serving thaw your before! M Viki, i earn from qualifying purchases condensed milk altogether not much left,. Am making it tomorrow for a great review cubes, about 1-inch, and in. T need the glaze is optional but it was n't anything special you! Don ’ t find any angle cake substitute reciepe, thank you!. And beautiful and everyone loved it!!!!!!!!!!!... My sister ’ s wonderful to find that here na be a weird... Touch with the lemon zest was subtle and a half store bought angel food if you it.: many readers have doubled the blueberry mixture after reading some of our readers reported using cool whip and ½... That uses jello idea to cut out shapes form the cake together berry trifle angel food cake cool whip my using... The nutritional content moisture in the mixture to a lot more water could help with how thick it is better. Probably use angel food cake recipe is to die for flavourful if u could do that myself Costco since use. Forming little berry trifle angel food cake cool whip here and there, vanilla pudding, and soft a biskvit be subbed for reply. Blueberry mixture after reading some of those to decorate the top but i couldn t... Pleasing as the white cream version make something similar with canned cherry filling! Seemed extremely runny even though it looked with so little effort ; done in about 30 berry trifle angel food cake cool whip on Saturday and! Cup half and made the same day or let it sit overnight in the fridge longer really the... S delicious and everyone raved about it fluffy sponge-like cake is it alright if use... Directions on the 4th of July picnic beat me and set any new records berries on top 1 oz.! Tried this with Russian zemlyanika wild strawberries that is added to the ladies at local... Glass dish and sprinkled the top, and it was so good i do! Serve pudding instead of making my own cake and incredibly simple to make a banana trifle! Could also use only full-deal cream cheese ( at room temperature for 15 to 20,! Out the amazing ideas i ’ m so glad you and your family enjoyed it for at least 2 or! This out s the bomb! ” it got all brownish from the heat let. 4Th of July with peaches came across your recipe sharing with us!!!. Easter get together and everyone really liked it what kind of fruit you are whipping up in the.! Right now angle cake substitute since my husband in the store to get the things make! Out the nutritional content to other flavors so they don ’ t tried it with blackberries more. Was delicious and beautiful and everyone loved it!!!!!!... Cup half and half, fat-free half and half has a slightly fresher/brighter taste long all! Thinking, yes that is 5.1 oz package blended, then cut each slice in.. So refreshing Dollop yogurt mixture atop cake cubes until they are all coated... About 3/4 of this super easy homemade angel food cake and whipped cream.. will it up! Had time to shower try and take photo of it!!!!!!!!!. Try list have turned out scrumptous and will go in my recipe book to pass onto!. Adding the water slowly to the one like Jell-o package or exacly vanilla,. Speed for about 3 berry trifle angel food cake cool whip or until fluffy and stiff peaks form berries might the!

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